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Helmut Newton

ça y est…….Helmut Newton

ça y est….. je peux maintenant quitter Paris pour cette fois-ci, j’ai vu: Helmut Newton, mes amis (pas tous malheureusement) & ma famille! Demain retour à ma ville d’adoption, Bangkok!

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Marcelina, Hermès

Off to Paris with Marcelina

Things are hectic around the house, but I wanted to make a last post before heading off to Paris…. with my Marcelina from Hermès . Marcelina was created by my dear friend, the artist Natalie Rich-Fernandez .

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Pete in Paris

Back after a long long summer break…. no computer, no internet, no e-mail, it’s really necessary I think, to take a break from everything & enjoy the moment.

Paris was beautiful & so were my friends! Ran into Peter Doherty

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