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The last vestige

Idealism for some……

One day these walls will be gone…..Most of them are already falling into ruins, the beauty of Havana and the outstanding architecture, has little by little faded away, a political and economical system that hasn’t been able to take care of  it’s own jewel.

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People of Havana, Cuba

People and streets of Havana, Cuba

I have travelled a few places in the world. And Havana is definitely one of my favourite places. And it’s really because of the people.

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Far from Cuba

Far from Cuba

First there is the city, Havana, strange, mysterious and unreal. These old houses with their façades so fragile, manifests painted on the collapsed walls, scarred by time, and which spoke, long ago, of something better.

What is there left of hopes and dreams? A feeling of empty and that life is somewhere else. During my stays in Havana, I saw how my portraits little by little spoke more and more about emptiness, and break, always with a glance away from Cuba, perhaps in search for a beloved one far distant.


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The Maybe Island

The Maybe Island.

Or  ” l’Ile des peut-être” by Joel Cano, director and writer. I liked the title of the book and I think it corresponds unfortunately too well on Cuba.

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