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Larchant the Forest

A Haven of Peace called Larchant

is one of these amazing places I’ve been to in my life and I’m truly grateful for having the privilege to be able to come back here regularly. Larchant is a small village about 70 km south of Paris, in the surroundings of Fontainebleau and the immense lands and deep forests, “Parc Naturel Régional du Gâtinais français”.  Read more

ile de Ré

The summer was beautiful…

….. in Île de Ré, my favourite place. Last year I missed my summer vacation in île de Ré, because of an unfortunate inconvenience like, the big renovation of the house, so no possible way to stay there. This year I made sure that I and my family really could stay a long, long time…… just to relax and contemplate the beauty of  this island. Long strolls on the bike to the nearest beaches between: St.Clément des Baleines, with their lighthouse “Phare des Baleines” and the village the most far east-north on the island called Les Portes en Ré. Read more

Mekhala Cruise

A slow trip down the Chao Phraya River……

from Ayutthaya to Bangkok…..At the end of the Christmas holidays, my family and I decided we needed a mini holiday!!, so we (my partner) checked out a very good, travel agency, which we already traveled with a few times, they organise in my opinion the best trips, because they are sophisticated and exclusive, which means for me, no mass tourism!!! Read more

The woods of Fontainebleau, France

Autumn Day in Larchant outside Paris

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in the countryside. For several years now, I have been coming to this place, Larchant, about 85 km south of Paris and these immense woods of Fontainebleau, this part of the woods specifically called, the Fôret Domaniale de la Commanderie. The small village is very famous for the Basilica St. Mathurin, the pilgrimage and of course the painting by Balthus, le basilique de St. Mathurin.

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Happy 2011

Slightly belated….

Muthi Maya Forest Villa

Freshness in Khao Yai

Muthi Maya Forest Villa is a great get away place for the weekend and to indulge in sweetness, softness and freshness of the surroundings of Khao Yai.

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Helags again

As many of you already know…. I’m quite a slow blogger, I’m always late with things, I don’t have that instant blogger reflex, shoot a picture, tell a story get it published!!!. Bang… right on!

I’m more of: take loads of photos, download them on my computer and forget them… Hmm.. perhaps a little exaggerated, but close.

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ile de re

My beautiful île de Ré

Every year I’m amazed by this island’s beauty! and I never seem to get bored of it either,

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I’m a little sad today….

that’s when I search of pictures of  “Autumn”. I probably took these about 2 years ago, on my yearly trip to Stockholm. As so often I’m always there around end of summer and beginning of autumn.

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Helags fjäll

The Summer Holiday was long

and hectic and delightful ….. There are moments when you really feel you need the nature and the silence.

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