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Dreaming on the Bosphorus……

This picture, I decided just needed a post on it’s own…… it was taken on a ferry over the Bosphorus in Istanbul. It’s actually taken on my birthday! My friend decided to make my day perfect! Of course we couldn’t decide over the weather…. the rain, but that didn’t change my state of mind, “émerveillée à Istanbul”, We started with a very early visit to Topkapi Palace,

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Raphaël again….

Raphaël again….,

Here he is again giving a performance at  KOI Restaurant in Bangkok. this young man has come a long way since these photographs, today he studies music at a university in London and I start to see dreams of a young boy becoming closer and closer to a grown young mans hard work and dedication to music and what was just a dream will perhaps turn into a profession…


This is it!

This is really it….. I grew up with Michael Jackson’s music, “Thriller” changed my life as a teenager, it was all about music, singing and dancing. Well I wasn’t much of a pianist after several years of practice, I did sing, mostly with the school choir but nothing exceptional. But DANCE was my life.

Today I thank my dance teacher Mairo Burdette, who made me listen to everything new that came straight out from NY and Chicago. RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, Funk & Soul etc. Back in the 80’s…. I had the time of my life!!. What happened after that, I think life happened to me and a lot of wonderful things, I never became a dancer, but dance is always there in my life. I throw my hat for you Michael…..

Raphaël, my friends’ son gave a great high school performance a few years ago.

Raphaël's high school performance of Billie Jean

Raphaël’s high school performance of Billie Jean

Raphaël's high school performance of Billie Jean

Raphaël’s high school performance of Billie Jean

My first story…. Why not get married?

My first story…. Why not get married?,

Trying to catch up on time, quite a few things have been done during these 3 years in Bangkok!

Yes, 3 years, time flies and pictures have been made, but not showed, so here we are a few updates on new stories.

” Why not get married?”

Wedding at the Ocean

They are my friends Anna & Niklas, they also live in Bangkok. I was very happy when they asked me to take photos at their wedding in Koh Samet. I love the interaction and the strong emotion that came out of it.  I think we got something really great here & it was a lot of fun!