IKEA in 1965

My mother used to bring  me and my brother almost every month to IKEA, Kungens Kurva in Skärholmen, south of Stockholm. The first IKEA opened in 1965, and I was born in 1970, so I was literary born into the era of IKEA “wonderland”.

First thing to do when we arrived at Ikea was:  we “parked” my brother at “Småland” and kind of got rid of a heavy load, but he was happy, playing around like a wild child in the colourful “ballroom”. We call IKEA in Stockholm “Guggenheim of Sweden” fits the building perfect …. it’s ROUND and a great milestone to architecture. Now I hope that ALL architects are agreeing with me!

IKEA Kungens kurva 1965
IKEA Kungens kurva 1965

I found this great Black & White photograph of IKEA, on the internet. The Volkswagen Beetle in the front on the picture could have been my father’s!!

Nota Bene: the photographer is unknown so no copyright, I usually never post photographs on the website unless they are mine.

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