Sunday, February 17, 2019

camilla davidsson


I take pictures almost everywhere in the world



Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris

You will have the opportunity, to see a large number of YSL creations in their original design by himself. The Foundation is staying very true to the heritage of Mr. Saint Laurent

A brief moment of peace…. in...

Those special moments of peace and quiet are becoming more rare in our modern lives. They need to be valued and treasured by us. In times like ours, when often - time, innovation

L’île de Ré or the isle...

I've been coming to this beautiful island, the isle of Ré, for more than 20 years now. I have to admit that I have a tendency to end up taking the same kind of pictures.

Amsterdam; a precious jewel in Northern...

It's been more than 15 years since my last trip to this city. When I lived in Paris I visited Amsterdam more frequently, it was so easy to jump on that train and a few hours later

NOXX Café in Bangkok

on the busy Rama IX Road, I'm sitting here at NOXX café, looking back at the year. Which passed yet again too rapidly and what did I learn?.

Kanchanaburi and the Death Railway

Waking up in a sleepy Bangkok around 5.30 am is something I should do more often; because the best pictures with the best light are usually at sunrise and sunset.