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Chiang Mai and the Lisu hill...

I'm leaving Bangkok tonight for almost 2 months, heading back to Europe for the summer holidays. Really long summer holidays! I'm so lucky! And leaving Thailand I wanted to post these pictures before going. From this absolutely non-sumptous but marvellous place on earth.

Commuters in Bangkok

I took my camera and went early in the morning to the intersection/railway station Ramkhamhaeng. Which is in the eastern neighbourhood of Bangkok. The buzzing life in this area, trains, the city line above in the air, cars, buses, motorcycles, street vendors is really part of the everyday life.

We just don’t have enough ...

Four years ago I started my blog and the first story was "Why not get married" with my dear friends Anna and Niklas. I had the wonderful occasion to be their photographer at their beautiful wedding by the sea.

Happy 2012

Happy 2012........

Finally IKEA is here in Thailand!

I can sort of go back to a normal life now..... well except for the flooding!!