Flooding…….50 million whales are making their way to the sea

As you may have seen on the news there’s massive flooding in Thailand and the water has rapidly making it’s way from the North down to Bangkok and surrounding suburbs.

We have about 50 million whales that have to make their way to the ocean and it kind of makes a certain disturbance to everyday life in Bangkok……


Where I live in Central Bangkok everything is fine and dry, we can still move around pretty easy, do our shopping, penury concerning water can be a problem, for the moment I’m OK and my family and friends as well, but many fellow Thais are in great despair and water up till their necks…… so yes I understand when they say that holding back the water from central Bangkok, may be very disturbing for the people living along the Chao Phraya river. If we flood central Bangkok, we will probably ease off the levels in many suburbs and along the river, but the inner city is the heart of economy….. means (in my eyes) that the Fortress has to stand strong as long as possible. SORRY!

The other day we went down to the river to have a look:

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