Barricaded in my house, have stocked up with grocers for a few days….. water, rice, pasta & some fresh fruits and some meat. August is home from school, how much does he and his friends understand of this? They are 9 -10 years old.

“Nous ne sommes pas sortis de l’auberge”! as the French say, means: that this is not the end & my interpretation is of this: How are we going to live with this from now on?

My picture doesn’t say much, it’s just me seeing this smoke from my window, from far far away… but I have friends & I know people how’s straight in the middle of this and they suffer. I suffer for the Thais and wonder from where will they pick up now and go back to their every day life?

I’m a part of this City! I love this City & I hate this City, I can’t leave this City, people say I can, but I can not!

It’s my home now….. where will I go after this?


  1. hello sweetie

    nice to have some news and to see you are safe and all right; Interesting to learn that you feel this is your city now and that you belong there, do you speak thai these days?
    being the mr Know it all that I’ve always been and despite the fact that you are there and I am not , I will wager that the country will not descend into civil war and that eventually things will get more peaceful ( for many reasons , the economic importance of tourism amongst them) . I am sure that you will be able go back to enjoying your nice lifestyle.
    Let me know though if things get worse and I hope to see you when you are next in Paris

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