Pete in Paris,

Back after a long long summer break…. no computer, no internet, no e-mail, it’s really necessary I think, to take a break from everything & enjoy the moment.

Paris was beautiful & so were my friends! Ran into Peter Doherty

at the terrace at this café in Ile Saint Louis, we nodded to each other in a brief hello.

few weeks later, in Stockholm I went with my mother  to this really great record shop “Pet Sounds” and I bought the début solo album by Peter Doherty “Grace/ Wastelands’

It’s amazing,  it’s true poetry. It came out already last year….

since I moved to Bangkok I really feel that I miss out on so many good things on the music scene. And this one is not to be missed!!


  1. Pete was walking over Oberkampf with guitar and a bag of take away food, he decided to eat it a bus stop… how glam life is

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