The other day I went to see my friend Karina at this private sale she held here in Bangkok. We really needed to catch up, haven’t seen each other for a long time. And I must say that it was wonderful to see what a fabulous work she’s done with her new business “Bags”.

Karina has always been very dynamic, is it not for exporting antique furnitures from China to Argentina, or to study interior design, raising two small children, having a husband on the road, or more like on the flight all the time….. she’s running a pretty hectic life.

My bag fits me just perfect, a Hobo-style, can fit basically everything I need in it! except my camera….. hopefully getting a smaller variety of a “camera” and then it will work just perfectly for my everyday life.

Vitruviank Bag

Karina do all the design herself, she makes sure that she will get the leather she wants directly from the wholesaler. After that she cuts the pieces herself and then she gives it to her tailor. A lot of work and I do hope that we will see more of it! Unfortunately she doesn’t yet have a website or a Facebook page, which I hope she will put up soon to show all her different models and I will definitely talk about it here again then……

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