I’m a little sad today…. for couturier Alexander McQueen

I’m a little sad today…. for couturier Alexander McQueen,

that’s when I search of pictures of  “Autumn”. I probably took these about two years ago. On my yearly trip to Stockholm. As so often I’m there around end of summer and beginning of autumn.

I love the Autumn, the most beautiful time of the year. I am an autumn girl as well, I was born in October, very revolutionary… people always said, the Autumn is my moment. In Paris this is the best time to get dressed in a Burberry coat or any “other” great coat! and just jeans and take a ride on the bicycle to Luxembourg Gardens or along the Canal St Martin. Autumn for me brings out a certain sadness and melancholy, a certain beauty in seeing the colours of the leaves fading on the trees, to later fall to the ground. To feel the brisk wind on your face going down your neck and spine to the cold tingaling your fingers and toes. It’s just lovely!

Today I think of Paris , sitting here in my hot and steamy Bangkok!

And being sad for the “Couture” world and for family and friends of Alexander McQueen. He was too talented and too young…. Mes hommage à vous Mr. McQueen.



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