Rosebud from Paris to Bangkok, bags and jewellery design

I met Armelle Cohen, designer and art dealer last year in November here in Bangkok. We discovered that apart from having a few friends in common, we also have some interests in common like art, fashion and photography.

For this first show of the “Rosebud from Paris to Bangkok” collection here in Bangkok, Armelle wanted a cosy yet cool location, so Charoen Krung Road along the Chao Phraya River was the perfect setting; it’s where things happen these days, together with Chinatown. They have become over the past years slowly but surely the best neighbourhoods for art, creativity, design and entertainment in Bangkok.

Opposite Armelle’s own art gallery “Adler” (which she runs together with her husband, Joël Cohen);  there’s “La Maison Close Tattoo Bangkok”, which became the perfect location for this show. It’s in a small sub-soi/alley and since Armelle and the organiser of the event, Alyx, both have very impressive invitation lists…. it got pretty crowded. People living in the neighbourhood took a great interest in what was going on and were drawn to the crowd of elegant women and men visiting this hidden part of the town.

Armelle was looking for a photographer creating the images from the backstage and that job really appealed to me in so many ways, a true feeling of the busy life of a fashion show. Moving around photographing people at work, is often a source of inspiration for me. I try to capture a certain moment when people know at least that I’m there. Or to give expression to a person in that impulsive moment when someone plays along with the camera. I loved to try to create a fun and intimate moment in these pictures. The girls were fabulous, they shined with their different personalities. Showing their strength, beauty and confidence and of course their laughs. One male model not to forget, was 15 year old son of Sandrine. The women were all friends of Armelle, so not professional models!.


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