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Christian Dior Exhibition “A sight for sore eyes”

My trip to Paris last autumn was just marvelous, absolutely enchanting. Lovely weather, we had suddenly summer in the middle of the autumn…

All on my own, no obligations, so probably the most precious thing you can have: time, plenty of free time to roam the streets of Paris and enjoy as much art exhibitions, concert and films. I also enjoyed the company of my friends, whom I miss insanely when back in Bangkok.

I wasn’t going to miss the Christian Dior exhibition for anything at the “Musée des arts Décoratifs”. It’s the retrospective of 70 years of Dior.

An extremely extensive exhibition, I have never seen so many dresses in my life at the same time, fascinating! Each piece as an art piece of design and craft.

This exhibition will take you through 70 years of dedication to the dress and to the woman. With Christian Dior as the founding father leading you to Yves Saint Laurent, who modernised the style and therefore also the woman. To many years later with John Galliano taking the work of creation to an absolute new and spectacular level, never been seen before!

To then be brought back to a certain Belgian naturalism by Raf Simons, bringing back the sheer simplicity in the beauty of the dress.

Today with finally, a woman at the helm of the design, Maria Grazia Chiuri, who brings a new strong and confident look to women. We see a completely new day at the “Maison Christian Dior”

The house is now in a new direction by an activist and feminist, read the article from Vogue last year, to get an insight in to Maria’s world.

The exhibition has been astronomically successful!! In a world with an unimaginable amount of ugliness in the times we live now… and I’m not talking about fashion and style….

The house of Dior brings us, even for a slight moment, beauty to our indeed needed eyes. And it will be remembered dearly.

Boris Vian “J’suis snob” (I’m a snob)

Et quand je serai mort J´veux un suaire de chez Dior!

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