Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris

Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris

A visit to the new museum in Paris;

This beautiful late 19th century,… perhaps early 20th century,

Haussmannian building, in one of the most beautiful architectural neighbourhoods in Paris, the 16th arrondissement. In the very heart of many extraordinary museums. The new Yves Saint Laurent Museum is between, Avenue Marceau close to the Palais Galleria, the museum of fashion and accessories and Avenue President Wilson where you’ll find Palais de Tokyo and the Museum of Modern Art as well. The Museum; is his original atelier and was for nearly 30 years of the Maison Yves Saint Laurent. The atelier is perfectly located in a neighbourhood filled with the arts considering the couple Mr. Saint Laurent and Mr. Bergé were quite the avid art collectors.

You will have the opportunity,

to see a large number of YSL creations in their original design by himself. The Foundation is staying very true to the heritage of Mr. Saint Laurent and they have kept his atelier almost identical, except very small adjustments so they are able to receive visitors. Mr. Pierre Bergé before his passing, wasn’t going to leave anything to hazard or destiny to decide the future of the legacy, when it comes to Maison Yves Saint Laurent. He was just as meticulous as Saint Laurent himself so nothing is left to chance. Absolutely everything is so well considered and reflected upon in every single detail.

He spent nearly 40 years creating,

the wardrobe for the modern woman with much character, determination and style. He completely changed the vision of the woman by modernising her in ways we hadn’t seen before. Making her look and feel like an empowered woman, who decides for herself. He seemed being a quiet, somehow with-drawn and shy person with a certain insecurity. And that is something I often find being the most common characteristics with true and great artists. I think, as a person and creator he probably doubted constantly about his work. Therefore his creations spoke so immensely of challenge, attitude, intelligence, elegance and grace, in such an extravagant way that he simply took our breaths away.

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