NOXX Café in Bangkok

NOXX Café in Bangkok,

on the busy Rama IX Road, I’m sitting here at NOXX café, looking back at the year. Which passed yet again too rapidly and what did I learn?.

Well that time flies and there’s no way I can get those years back, so no regrets!

With some struggle, pain and lots of love and a little help from my friends. I’ll get there!, not an easy walk in the park, especially seeing my son grow up and becoming a young man, someone I’m very proud of.

Next year he is graduating and off he goes out in the world, for his new adventures in life without mother and father.

With his graduation,

there will be a milestone reached for me as well. Since I’ve be living here in Thailand now for 12 long years and starting on my 13th, as a legal alien in Bangkok.

Therefore, after the summer holidays; I will really need a project to settle my mind on… something which will grab my attention, fully and passionately.


camilla davidsson
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