A brief moment of peace…. in nature

A brief moment of peace…. in nature

…where I try to be mindful in a village named Larchant, France:

Those special moments of peace and quiet are becoming more rare in our modern lives. They need to be valued and treasured by us. In times like ours, when often – time, innovation, development and success, can in certain aspects turn out to work against the greater good.

We feel often – over-worked, stressed by everyday life, social and economical issues, not making enough revenues, not having enough quality time for family and friends, not taking proper care of our health and not getting enough exercise and so on and on.

People of  our intelligence and greatness… are at the very same time, much flawed by the constant race in over-producing and abhorring consumerism.

Do we lose some perspective of life itself…?

What is essential in life?.

Within this society we have very much forgotten to exchange our ideas and emotions directly with one and other. We communicate nearly exclusively through digital technologies today…

When do we ever take a simple walk in the nature to take a break?. Just to walk, breathe and smell the phenomenal nature we’re still surrounded by.

These are a few possible things we all think about, however, we forget and rush off doing whatever needs to be done.

For ourselves; it’s vital, invigorating and damn straight; mind-blowing to take some time-out to do a more “analogue” activity. Read a book, ON PAPER, ok! I know it’s not good for the environment, use the kindle then…  Take a walk or cycle, in the forest or by the ocean.

Play chess, the old-fashioned way if you can… and not Fifa on your PS4, play board-games, do gardening, if you’re lucky to have one. Most importantly do listen to great music!! Your old vinyls: aren’t they just the best!

Or do absolutely nothing, “Farniente” the most lovely of words in the Italian language.

Try to leave the hectic city, once now and then and all that background noise which comes with it.

Go somewhere quiet to listen to the silence…

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