Today’s inspiration was my new book, VIVRE, by François Goldwasser and photographer Jeremy Stigter.

This book came out through a devoted collaboration between an oncologist and a photographer, trying to bring humanity and straight “forwardness” to people suffering from cancer.

The book, VIVRE, by oncologist François Goldwasser and photographer Jeremy Stigter.

Translated press about the book, publisher SEUIL, France:

The cross road between portraits and interviews with patients, their close family and medical team. An illness which brings to reality the tremendous change to life, trying to see and understand the everyday challenge, a life without stability, the threat of death. This book tries to tell the stories of people and a chronicle illness, out patient treatment and new coming treatments.

To talk about cancer through photography with the sense of humanity through the lens of a great photographer like Jeremy Stigter, makes everyone participate and the book brings us to the point, where the necessity of understanding and putting a sick person in the centre of everyones preoccupation.

Everyone who accepted to participate in this project, gave generously of their most intimate thoughts, reflexions and doubts with the greatest sensibility and dignity.


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