I found a 10 year old file with photos,

Yesterday going through my external hard drive looking for some photos, I found this old file, about 10 year old photos.

These 2 pictures taken in Paris, got me all nostalgic, there’s a retro-feel to them, the first one of the two ladies with hats, at this very legendary café, called “Le café de la Mairie “at Place Saint Sulpice. My favourite place when I was a student. It was a café for intellectuals and artists and you went there to see and to be seen.

Café de la Mairie Place Saint Sulpice

The other one, is a small street in the neighbourhood Montparnasse,  “Passage d’Enfer”, this street looks like it hasn’t changed at all since World War II.

Passage d'Enfer, Paris, France
Passage d’Enfer, Paris, France

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