I’m a little sad today….,

that’s when I search of pictures of  “Autumn”. I probably took these about 2 years ago, on my yearly trip to Stockholm. As so often I’m always there around end of summer and beginning of autumn.

I love the Autumn, the most beautiful time of the year.  I also believe I am an autumn girl, I was born in October on the 17th, very revolutionary… people always said,  I really feel for the Autumn, in Paris it is the best time to get dressed in a Burberry coat or any “other” great coat and jeans & take a ride on the bicycle to Luxembourg Gardens or along the Canal St Martin etc. there are so many lovely places in Paris. Autumn also brings out a certain sadness and melancholy & a certain beauty of sadness.

Today I think of Paris , sitting here in my hot and steamy Bangkok!

and being a little sad for the “Couture” world and for family and friends of Alexander McQueen.

He was too talented & too young…. Mes hommage à vous Mr. McQueen.

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