Amélie and her shoes… in Bangkok

Amélie and her shoes… in Bangkok,

One day a friend took me to see this great location, on Charoen Krung Road, also means New Road, along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. It looked liked it used to be a shop or some kind of craftsman’s workshop.

It was now all empty, probably the usual; one business moving out and another is moving in!

So it was the right moment for me to have a little photo shooting session there, before another shop or gallery moves in.

This is many years ago now, so yes it has changed since back then. Everything in Thailand changes very quickly. If a business doesn’t work, it’s usually out within 6 months or sometimes even less and new businesses set up very quickly.

My friend, Amélie was willing to be my model, she has now left Bangkok since quite some time. I believe she’s back in France.

We had a great day exploring this part of the city and very much fun photographing her in this setting.

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