A man and his Parisian apartment

A man and his Parisian apartment;

My dear friend Jeremy, an excellent photographer,

lives with his family in the most amazing duplex “atelier” with a view over the Montparnasse Cemetery. The windows are letting the light in perfectly, I even think the apartment is orientated north which gives that light every painter and artist wish for. Both home and work cohabit superbly here. When ever I’m in Paris, I always try to catch up with Jeremy.

Walking around in this gorgeous artist’s apartment,

filled with books and vinyls, boxes with black & white silver prints and the lab, I can literally go into the dark room, just to sniff some chemical products, to bring back good old times! I sound like a total lunatic… haha!.

I haven’t printed anything in basically 10 years, don’t even know if I would know how to do it again after so many years. I still have my lab or pieces of it at least, packed away in a garage. Perhaps one day I’ll unpack it??

There’s always an interesting new project going on at Jeremy’s…… About three years ago his book “VIVRE” came out, published by publishing house SEUIL. A collaboration he did with oncologist Pr.François Goldwasser, head of the Oncologies department at the Cochin Hospital in Paris.

The book is strong, intimate and all about the patient at the centre of their illness. Portraits and  testimonies by patients, their close family and the medical staff.




I have had the chance to work

together with Jeremy on previous projects when I lived in Paris, both assisting and being photographed for various projects. I’m not usually comfortable with being photographed, but with Jeremy, it just works!, he’s sharp and very funny and his eye catches situations quickly and very precisely. He can trigger strong emotions with intimacy, vulnerability passion and strength.

Take a look at a serie we did quite some time ago…

Camilla Davidsson copyright: Jeremy Stigter


The day we met at the atelier,

his son was home as well and after our session, Jules wanted to have a go at the photographing to. I liked the interaction very much between a father and his son. And at last but not least, Ruby liked being photographed too, she is the most beautiful and majestic of cats!

camilla davidsson
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