A Tribute to Heath Ledger and Stanley Kubrick,

About 8 years ago in France, I worked as a hostess for the American Film Festival in Deauville.

Great job for 10 days! Well paid, fun and great experience!  the work was to promote the telecommunication company “Orange” through Cinema.

My job, together with a friend, consisted in watching over the invited people , VIP guests, everything from, actors, directors, to business people, wannabes etc., that they had a great time and everything they needed, we would help them with…..basically.

I remember a very sophisticated and very low-profiled, Tilda Swinton or the crazy gang of actors from the film TAXI, can’t even remember if it was number 1,2 or 3….. and mostly a very young actor, no one knew at the time, who almost got evicted from entering the villa because the security guards didn’t recognise him, that young man, who my colleague and I so nicely helped to get in, was nonetheless than, Heath Ledger…..he was there to promote the film “A Knight’s Tale” I think it was called that, back then I couldn’t believe that this young man, was going to become one of the most amazing actors of his time.

So 10 days of work in the night-time and in the daytime I mostly strolled around in Deauville, very pretty and chic little town on the Normandy coast, I also had access to all the screenings for the festival, it was heaven!!! films everyday, and my favourites!! I saw all the Stanley Kubrick films. They held a tribute to him, he had just passed away the year before, and his wife and brother-in-law, was there to show their documentary on his creative “film-life”.

These 2 pictures that I took one day, make a good contrast to the glamorous and lively Film Festival in Deauville. A certain calm and peacefulness.

The moment before: Showtime, Folks!!!

Ombrellas at the beach in Deauville
A couple at the beach in Deauville

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