Actor Heath Ledger and director Stanley Kubrick

Actor Heath Ledger and director Stanley Kubrick,

this is a small tribute to them, in 2001, (A Space Odyssey)…   I worked as a hostess for the “American Film Festival” in Deauville. Great job for ten days! Well-paid, fun and a great experience! The work consisted in promoting the telecommunication company “Orange” through Cinema, the seventh art or as we say “le septième art”.

My job, in a team of two hostesses, working only in the evening and the night time, consisted in watching over the guests and to make sure they had an as perfect time as possible and also get them literally anything they needed…These people were everybody from directors, actors, creators, artists to business people, important journalists and the wannabes.

I remember a very sophisticated and a very low-profiled, actor Tilda Swinton, she was absolutely stunning! Or the crazy gang from the film TAXI, can’t even remember if it was for the number 2, 3 or 4….. but mostly a very young actor whom nobody knew at that time.

And who almost got evicted from entering the villa because of the simple fact, the security guards didn’t know him. He didn’t exactly look like a “young premier” either. With his look, he more resembled a cool grunge musician with a beer in his hand/homeless look for the security guards…

But that young man, we so helpfully got through the security line, was nonetheless than Heath Ledger…..he was there to promote the film “A Knight’s Tale”. Back then I couldn’t believe that this young man, was going to become one of the most interesting actors of his generation.

So ten days of work always in the night-time and then in the daytime I mostly walked around in Deauville, a very pretty and chic little town by the ocean, on the Normandy coast.

I also had access to all the screenings for the festival, it was heaven!!! films everyday, and my favourites!! I saw all the Stanley Kubrick films. They held a tribute to him, as he had just passed away the year before, and his wife and brother-in-law, was there to present their documentary about his life as a cinematographer.

These pictures that I took one day, make a good contrast to the glamorous American Film Festival in Deauville. A certain calm and peacefulness. Just the moment before it all starts again! Show time, Folks!!!

camilla davidsson
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