Why do Thais not care about climate change?

Thousands of young people skipped school to march through cities in Asia Friday, but the demonstration in Bangkok to fight climate change drew few people compared to other countries.


Yesterday I joined forces with like-minded people concerned about climate change. I must say I was a bit sad seeing so few people at the march.

Where were the students? This was a school strike!

Why did so few young people turn up? Were they badly informed about the strike or is climate change an issue that they simply don’t care enough about? Or is there some other reason why they didn’t jump at the opportunity of engaging in a protest movement during school hours?

Lynn Ocharoenchai, the Greta Thunberg from Thailand

Here I met a young woman, Lynn Ocharoenchai, who wants to make a difference, inspired by Greta Thunberg from Sweden who started the movement, Lynn felt very much the same

I could perhaps, just by myself, get the attention from fellow young adults and students?

Yesterday’s march, on the 15th of March, made, possibly a real impact all over the world. It received international news coverage and more than a hundred countries around the world participated, with many thousands marching.

The apparent disinterest by the Thais  might be due to growing disillusion about their impact on politics and society. Not a single political party has brought up climate change and strong air pollution as being a political priority.

At some stage they will have to take real, as opposed to cosmetic measures, going beyond bringing out a water hose to spray down the streets…

Bigger fish to fry, or just plain Mai Pen Rai attitude ?

My personal feeling is that young adults in Thailand can’t be bothered with trying to make an impact on climate change and voicing their opinion, possibly feeling that there’s bigger fish to fry…

The upcoming election on the 24th of March is unlikely to change much in terms of people’s future, regardless if the outcome is a military regime or a democratically elected government. The bigger picture is being drowned out. Despite a general Mai pen rai mood, a few people are trying to move us forward in the right direction

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