She was a day tripper…. to Ubud and Bukit Peninsula in Bali

She was a day tripper…. to Ubud and Bukit Peninsula in Bali.

Editing this I had a bit of fun with the title inspired by the Beatles. Don’t get the story wrong! I’m the day tripper.

Here you can listen to the song while reading my story:

Apart from hanging with the cool kids in Canggu,

the digital nomads! I also did a bit of visiting in Bali. I didn’t go very far but that’s fine!. Next time I will do the amazing travel around the island and see the mountains and the volcano and the immense nature you can find here!.

However, this time I just took a one hour motorbike drive up to Ubud! A day trip to Ubud is way too short, I know!. There’s too many things to see, so you need perhaps at least 3 days.

Absorbing the beautiful nature and go to the great eateries and cafés in the most exquisite places. To look at the beautiful craftsmanship of every house and temple, dance like crazy at the ecstatic dance evenings at the yoga barn and so on.

My day trip with Lisa,

at least gave me a hint of this place everybody is talking about. One of the greatest part of that day was to meet Pia Örjansdotter, a former theatre actor from Sweden. How she decided to leave Sweden for Ubud, we never had time to talk about that, but hopefully I will get there in another reportage from Bali.

Becoming the creator/stylist/costume designer

of her own brand. See her work on instagram, looking for a fix.

Her brand is delirious!!!!! You need real gut to wear these very extravagant clothes. People like my beautiful cousin for example, Lisa just loves the brand and the clothes fit her so well. All the strong colours, super sexy cuts, tight fittings or the complete opposite, very loose grungy style like some Star Wars warriors with hoodies…….stunning and amusing!

Pia has a phenomenal energy and creativity

and her generosity is beyond the expected. I was very overwhelmed by her hospitality. her creations are just like her! Made for strong women with attitude, fearless and “high-on-colour minded” women who dares to be seen.

After the day in Ubud we had an incredible weekend,

spent in this amazing villa rented by Les, a friend of Lisa’s, just like that for his family and friends, at the gorgeous Bingin Beach on Bukit Peninsula south of Denpasar. The extreme south of Bali has gorgeous beaches and the surfers love it there!. May is the kick-off of the surf season in Bali and the waves are getting more beautiful and greater to surf.

so as I already said we spent a weekend

in this elegant and immense villa for 12 people and more I think, so you get the picture, HUGE house!. Together with brilliant and witty people, had so many great laughs. The food was exquisite when Les’s brother Radek, a chef from “Gaggan” in Bangkok, cooked us some real treats through the whole weekend and lovely Elle, a pastry chef, who really was “sweetening” us up… She works at the restaurant “Bunker” in Bangkok, so yeah, no complaints. Total satisfaction!

The Sunday I spent driving around the Peninsula,

I was visiting the temple Uluwatu, which is situated up on a cliff, beautifully overlooking the ocean. It was very hot that day and plenty of tourists so I should have hanged with the others at the beach instead, I think..

I thought I had to be a bit cultural…♥

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