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Koh Kood sunset

In the mood for Koh Kood

The magic of this island is that you not yet get the feeling of over crowded. A piece of quiet paradise. I love my low-key resort, family style, no music and no party. Not going to give you the name of my place … could soon be over crowded! If I want music and party I can just stay in Bangkok!

I basically do nothing when I’m here more than sleeping, eating and reading. Going for coffee and cake in the afternoon at the great place” View Point Café” it’s the real deal! Koh Kood Having the time to read is luxury, to be able to relax and really focus on a book that can be finished in just a few days, contrary to the rhythm of the city, where I more relax while watching my tv series in the evening rather than reading. It’s unfortunately quite stupid but the reality! Read more

BIniaraix in Mallorca

Late summer breeze in Mallorca

The Mediterranean is fantastically beautiful in the autumn, the lights are still warm but just slightly bringing in some hints of cold. The mornings are fresh and delightful, having an excellent espresso in the morning mist in the garden under the orange trees, that’s what I had on my trip to Mallorca and more precisely in Biniaraix.

Biniaraix in Mallorca

Biniaraix in Mallorca

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prix du jury ilford 1999


The other day I went through my archives and found this file of photographs about Tango dancers, which I worked on in Paris many years ago now. Read more

Raw Food Cooking

Raw Food Cooking in Bangkok

A few months ago I met Jessica Johnsson, Swedish health and lifestyle coach, ashtanga yoga teacher, wife and mother of 3 boys, home school teacher and football coach etc.etc….. many talents. Jessica is a beautiful person, dynamic, mindful and adventurous young woman, living with her family in Bangkok since 1 year.

Raw Food Cooking

Raw Food Cooking, Ceviche Cocktail

Jessica has always been a very health conscious person, tremendously interested in food and how to make food more exciting, but also very accessible. She runs her own company, Food Health Passion, Read more

New York "The View"

New York

New York I love you! will never forget!

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Casa Lapin

Bangkok turning cosmopolitan café culture

I’ve been living in Bangkok for 7 years now and I’ve seen a remarkable change in café culture in the last few years. When I came to Bangkok I often ended up at Starbucks, whether I liked it or not…..

Casa Lapin

A lovely Cappuccino

Now I have a selection of outstanding, cozy, elegant, hipster (just had to put that in)cafés, with excellent coffee! You think you just arrived in New York, Paris, Milan, London or Stockholm.

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Jewellery design “Be You”

Jewellery design brand “Be You” based in Thailand.



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Mekhala Cruise

A slow trip down the Chao Phraya River……

from Ayutthaya to Bangkok…..At the end of the Christmas holidays, my family and I decided we needed a mini holiday!!, so we (my partner) checked out a very good, travel agency, which we already traveled with a few times, they organise in my opinion the best trips, because they are sophisticated and exclusive, which means for me, no mass tourism!!! Read more

Fabulous Flat in Bangkok.

Fabulous Flat in Bangkok!

I had the great occasion to photograph my dear friends, Jason’s & Bundit’s, flat. They are very strong creative people, business men, run a major Hotel/Restaurant/Café + Stylist.

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Tourmaline bracelet "Inshallah"

My new jewellery “Inshallah”

Over the Christmas holiday my friend, Leah Kertesz, from Australia, was over on holiday in Thailand and she brought along my beautiful necklace and bracelet, the tourmaline stones and gold plated (christmas gift to myself) called “Inshallah”. Read more