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The Raffles Hotel in Singaporec

Historic Raffles in Singapore

There’s so many things to say about Raffles Hotel, a legendary hotel which opened its doors in 1887. It was named after Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore, whose statue had been unveiled in 1887. This hotel which has been immortalised by writers like Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway and many celebrities more….  Read more

Bret, Lucia & Marian at Ceresia

Ceresia Coffee Roasters “The Cherry”

This story starts in London: Garin “Bret” Asavaroengchai met the two sisters, Marian and Lucia Aguilar. Bret is Thai-American national brought up mainly in Bangkok, Thailand. Marian and Lucia come from Venezuela, the city of Varela in the Trujillo state in the Venezuelan Andes. Marian and Lucia arrived in London with both a Bachelor Degree’s of Logistics and Business Management in their pockets.

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Nasha Mekraksavanich

Nasha Mekraksavanich: A New Edge to Design in Thailand

Nasha was born 28 years ago in Lampang a province in the North of  Thailand,  she came to Bangkok already at the age of one year, so calling her a real Bangkokian is not an exaggeration.

Nasha Mekraksavanich is a bag designer.

The first time I met her, her incredible and uncommon beauty struck me,

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Ink & Lion Café

Ink & Lion Café: coffee culture in Bangkok

In December 2013, Ink & Lion Café opened their doors in the neighbourhood of Ekkamai soi 2, Sukhumvit Road. The whole neighbourhood of Ekkamai has during the recent years seen a turnover of this neighbourhood, like new cool vintage stores, both furnitures and fashion, cafés and coffee roasters

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Marina Bay Sands hotel view from the Gardens

A weekend at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

A few years have gone by since my last trip to Singapore and it was a good occasion to bring my son, August, there as well (he hasn’t stopped talking about going to the Universal Studios). So there we were, arriving in this extremely well organised city, already so easy to get a taxi from the airport and one of the first things that really hits you going in to the city, is that all along the roads there’s greenery….. woods, trees and plants,  they have beautifully plant Bougainvillea the whole way down to our hotel, the Marina Bay Sands.

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Mala from Mysore

Mala from Mysore

Yesterday I got this beautiful Mala from Mysore, Khun Naw, yoga teacher and assisting yoga teacher to Khun Boonchu, just brought them back from Mysore, India.

They are made out of sandalwood so they even smell beautifully.

For those who don’t know, mala is:  Japa mala or mala (Sanskrit:मालाmālā, meaning garland) is a set of beads commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists, Read more

The Never Ending Summer

Never Ending Summer… at the Jam Factory

…is what I feel now! Songkran, Thai new year, has just been celebrated and it’s hotter than ever!! now starts the period of extreme hotness…. in Thailand and this is when I’m longing the most for Paris, France and Stockholm, Sweden……. and “‘normal” countries with “normal” temperatures. But when you think about it, is there any “normal” temperatures in the world with the craziness of energy consumption? Read more

Koh Kood sunset

In the mood for Koh Kood

The magic of this island is that you not yet get the feeling of over crowded. A piece of quiet paradise. I love my low-key resort, family style, no music and no party. Not going to give you the name of my place … could soon be over crowded! If I want music and party I can just stay in Bangkok!

I basically do nothing when I’m here more than sleeping, eating and reading.

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Biniaraix in Mallorca

Late summer breeze in Mallorca

The Mediterranean is fantastically beautiful in the autumn, the lights are still warm but just slightly bringing in some hints of cold. The mornings are fresh and delightful, having an excellent espresso in the morning mist in the garden under the orange trees, that’s what I had on my trip to Mallorca and more precisely in Biniaraix.

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prix du jury ilford 1999


The other day I went through my archives and found this file of photographs about Tango dancers, which I worked on in Paris many years ago now. Read more