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Koh Munnork, the bench

“Koh Munnork” A Possible Paradise close to Bangkok?

Perhaps I have finally found the perfect get-away for a long weekend away from noisy Bangkok?  3 hours drive from Bangkok to Rayong, then just hop on a boat which will take approximately 45 minutes to a desert island. There’s only one resort and that’s it! Read more

The villa in the tropical garden, French Lotus, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka.

French Lotus guest house in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

In January this year I stayed with my family at this gorgeous little guest house, colonial style, named the “French Lotus” in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. The lovely host couple, Gaëlle and Cédric, has turned this beautiful, lovely and charming villa, in a marvellous garden, to a great little business of theirs. Read more

Nasha Mekraksavanich Spring/Summer Collection 2015

Nasha Mekraksavanich Spring Summer collection 2015

This new collection has absolutely gone beyond borders……… the outer space, on a trip to the moon!  An ode to the masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick

It’s airy, light, blue, black, white, earthy, water and perhaps even arid desert land……..all at the same time…….. Read more

A view from the Hotel

Sri Lanka “A Crown Jewel in The Indian Ocean”

Sri Lanka is a country I know very little about or to be truthful….. almost nothing at all. A country we used to call Ceylon during the different colonial times, from Portuguese and Dutch to British Empire and was renamed Sri Lanka in 1972 , Sri Lanka became independent from the British Empire already in 1948. There has been going on a terrible civil war for about 30 years, which ended in 2009. People have suffered enormously but the country has strived to become a much more stable nation and there’s a great sence of that the people in Sri Lanka today are a united people.

There are many different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, the majority is Sinhalese and the second largest group is the Sri Lankan Tamils.

My story is not about politics, demographics or general issues in a society, but a plain and simple travel story, which will hopefully inspire you to travel to this beautiful island. Read more

Benz Thanachart in Alaska

Benz Thanachart: An artist with a flair of Surreal

Benz was born 1987 in Bangkok, raised between Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani province, a province in the east of Thailand, straight on the Laos border. Because his parents ran a business in Ubon, he mostly lived with his aunt in Bangkok, from his young school years and the whole way up to university. Read more

Tonk and Lux at Casa Lapin x49

Casa Lapin café in Bangkok

Tonk, khun Surapan Tanta, comes across as an everyday young Bangkokian, cool, relaxed, boyishly good-looking, always wearing his cap and round glasses, jeans and shirt open over his t-shirt, but something makes him stand out from the crowd: his tremendous drive, skill and meticulous work ethic.

Read more

Larchant the Forest

A Haven of Peace called Larchant

is one of these amazing places I’ve been to in my life and I’m truly grateful for having the privilege to be able to come back here regularly. Larchant is a small village about 70 km south of Paris, in the surroundings of Fontainebleau and the immense lands and deep forests, “Parc Naturel Régional du Gâtinais français”.  Read more

ile de Ré

The summer was beautiful…

….. in Île de Ré, my favourite place. Last year I missed my summer vacation in île de Ré, because of an unfortunate inconvenience like, the big renovation of the house, so no possible way to stay there. This year I made sure that I and my family really could stay a long, long time…… just to relax and contemplate the beauty of  this island. Long strolls on the bike to the nearest beaches between: St.Clément des Baleines, with their lighthouse “Phare des Baleines” and the village the most far east-north on the island called Les Portes en Ré. Read more

The Raffles Hotel in Singaporec

Historic Raffles in Singapore

There’s so many things to say about Raffles Hotel, a legendary hotel which opened its doors in 1887. It was named after Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore, whose statue had been unveiled in 1887. This hotel which has been immortalised by writers like Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway and many celebrities more….  Read more

Bret, Lucia & Marian at Ceresia

Ceresia Coffee Roasters “The Cherry”

This story starts in London: Garin “Bret” Asavaroengchai met the two sisters, Marian and Lucia Aguilar. Bret is Thai-American national brought up mainly in Bangkok, Thailand. Marian and Lucia come from Venezuela, the city of Varela in the Trujillo state in the Venezuelan Andes. Marian and Lucia arrived in London with both a Bachelor Degree’s of Logistics and Business Management in their pockets.

Read more