“Rosey Stone” photo shoot; Jam Session

“Rosey Stone” photo shoot; Jam Session

My friend Rosey asked me to photograph her collection Rosey Stone of natural bamboo and natural cotton shirts and dresses.

A challenge for me, where fashion is as remotely my field as sport photography!, but we both felt that there where chemistry in what we wanted to reflect in the photos and we wanted it as natural as possible. So I felt I could do it my way, a photographer, a camera, no light settings, no studio and no hair and make-up, it was more of an approach of portrait than anything else.

Jam is a yoga practitioner at the same Ashtanga shala as Rosey and I, she’s dynamic, strong and a natural beauty. She was an easy choice for Rosey and I liked her very much immediately. Jam has been through some very difficult years with severe health problems and today she seems like she has tripled in strength and perseverance, she’s radiant and full of life.

The beginning of a photo shoot is always a bit difficult especially when you’re not working with a professional model, Jam and I were about to get to know each other so the contact feels a bit shy, but once we got going everything fell right in its place and we got more relaxed and confident and we had a good feeling going. I enjoyed very much this afternoon with Jam and Rosey.

I would like to thank Patom Organic Living for letting us shoot in their beautiful and very serene location in Thonglor area.


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