A week ago I participated in the Worldly Movement of Aday.org……Picture today inspire tomorrow! And I have focused on the subjet commuters in Bangkok.

I took my camera and went early in the morning to the intersection/railway station Ramkhamhaeng in the eastern neighbourhood of Bangkok. The buzzingly life in this area, trains, the city line above in the air, cars, buses, motorcycles, street vendors….everyday life. And I took a closer look on the commuters at the railway station and this came out!

Aday.org commuters in Bangkok


 I came back in the evening…..

Aday.org commuters in Bangkok






  1. i love the difference between the bright alert morning work bound commuter and the weary crowd returning home on a hot bangkok evening, and a tuesday i guess, by the pink shirts for the king’s health.

  2. Yes indeed a Tuesday!! And thank you for showing an interest in my subject, I wasn’t so sure about this one!

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