Nasha Mekraksavanich Spring Summer collection 2015

Nasha Mekraksavanich Spring Summer collection 2015:

This new collection has absolutely gone beyond borders……… the outer space, on a trip to the moon!  An ode to the masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick

It’s airy, light, blue, black, white, earthy, water and perhaps even arid desert land……..all at the same time……..

The today classics: Etienne, Etienne Exotique, Russel have got a new creative edge and we are also seeing new beauties like: Ines, Daphne, Axsel, Arlyne.

The creativity is flowing and the craftmanship is just as exquisite as ever!

This post is just about this collection, but I will come back soon with a hopefully second interview with Nasha and tell the continuing story since last year.

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