ROSEBUD then, now ROSE ROSE; is a bag and jewellery brand

ROSEBUD then, now ROSE ROSE; is a bag and jewellery brand,

When I met Armelle Cohen, designer and art dealer last year here in Bangkok. We discovered, that apart from having a few friends in common, we found out having some shared interests as well like art, fashion and photography.

For this first show of  “Rose Rose” collection in Bangkok, Armelle wanted a cosy, yet cool location.

So the Charoen Krung Road,

along the Chao Phraya River became a perfect setting. Somehow it’s where things happen these days, together with Chinatown! it has become over the past years slowly, but surely, the best neighbourhoods for art and creativity and as well as entertainment in Bangkok.

Like “La Maison Close” Tattoo parlour,

opposite Armelle’s own art gallery “Adler”, was a great location for the show, it’s in this narrow, slightly run-down sub-soi/alley which looks pretty cool to be frank.

People living in this neighbourhood, took a great interest in what was going on and were drawn to the crowd of women and men who came visiting this slightly hidden part of the town.

Armelle was looking for a photographer,

creating an intimate feeling from the backstage and that job really appealed to me. Therefore I think we were that night, for this mission a perfect duo in what she was looking for and what I think I could provide in matter of images.

The girls were stunning,

how they shined with their different personalities. Showing their strength, beauty and confidence and of course their laughters. All the women are friends of Armelle, so no hiring of professional models for this event.

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