Mikel Rosen and Kokon to Zai: KTZ

Mikel Rosen and Kokon to Zai: KTZ

A few week ago I went to listen to Mikel Rosen , Fashion guru and grand visionary from the UK, together with, Kokon to Zai & KTZ, fashion designers Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Bezovski. They gave us lucky people of Bangkok a great fashion symposium at the TCDC, Thailand Creative and Design Centre in Bangkok.

This was organised through the British Council,

targeting creativity between the two nations. Unfortunately the time runs too quickly and with tight time schedules and horrific traffic in Bangkok, we kind of just caught a glimpse of these very talented people. We got rewarded though, with a great moment at the later evenings’ runway at Auto Exchange Co., Ltd  Kian Gwan Building at Lumpini.

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