Amartos for “Le Yoga Shop Paris”

A few months ago, my friends Kia Naddermier,…..

Amartos for “Le Yoga Shop Paris”

A few months ago, my friends Kia Naddermier, fashion photographer and Ashtanga yoga teacher in Paris  & Magnus Naddermier, creative director, asked me if I could take some photos for their up coming webshop, “Le Yoga Shop Paris

Fashion for yoga passionate and lots of other inspirational things, of course I said YES! you don’t want to miss such a great project!

Kia & Magnus wanted pictures of the “globetrotter set” and the essential oils and mat spray called the “yogi set”from the brand “Amartos” from Thailand.

While working on the products I also had the opportunity to take the portrait of the creator of Amartos products Suchavadee C, Sasha, yoga teacher and a globetrotter herself, click on the link and read the interview Kia did with Sasha!!

What makes this webshop such a great inspiration, is the devoted work by Kia & Magnus. To create a community around the yoga practice which everyone is deeply devoted to. The fabulous idea to involve very talented designers and people who share a common interest to participate on this long journey with yoga practice, fashion & beauty and more up coming, inspirational and really cool things!!!

Kia with her flair and skill of turning possibly everything into beauty with her camera, like Agatha and La Bagagerie etc. and Magnus, with an eye so sharp that it’s not for nothing, he has made advertising campaigns for the big luxury brands like, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s etc. Also behind the creation of many magazines, like GQ France.

At last but not the least, behind all these fashionable things: THERE’S A CAUSE: read “Our Cause” and I think from all of us who are linked to this web and to Kia & Magnus through this project, that we are practitioners of yoga, designers and more, family and friends. The Cause is what makes us driven for this beautiful project!


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