Cold in Paris

Cold in Paris

Last time I was in Paris it was in November, it wasn’t cold like now, with a lot of snow! but it was nicely chilly. That’s when it’s the perfect time to go and enjoy the Parisian neighbourhood of Saint Germain.

Without being a tourist, I must say it is a fantastic neighbourhood, with iconic restaurants and cafés. That day I wanted to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate, with my dear friend Valérie and the place for that is Café de Flore!


People next to us were having a classic french onion soup! to heat them up a little, we were just enjoying the moment, watching people passing by. A Sunday afternoon is never accomplished if you don’t strolls down along the Seine on the banks down to ex. Notre Dame, which is for me, one of the most remarkable piece of art in the world, a more stunning architecture I don’t believe I’ve seen!!!



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