Raw Food Cooking in Bangkok

Raw Food Cooking in Bangkok.

A few months ago I met Jessica Johnsson, Swedish health and lifestyle coach, ashtanga yoga teacher, wife and mother of 3 boys, home school teacher and football coach etc.etc….. many talents. Jessica is a beautiful person, dynamic, mindful and adventurous young woman, living with her family in Bangkok since 1 year.

Jessica has always been a very health conscious person,

tremendously interested in food and how to make food more exciting, but also very accessible. She runs her own company, Food Health Passion, which she has with great entrepreneurship developed over the years.

She has given many cooking classes

and today she had her first one  of “Raw Food Cooking” in Bangkok. I must say that I enjoyed very much this cooking class,  I’m so looking forward to trying out myself my new recipes and I really love taking photographs of food!!!! I hope that in the near future I will do more food lifestyle photography!



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