Bali bewitched…

I was very excited about going to Bali, but tried not to have too many expectations. Bali is a typical destination where people often say: It’s fantastic or it’s not what it used to be…

Bali bewitched, enchanted and magical…

Canggu in Bali;

I was very excited about going to Bali but tried not to have too many expectations. Bali is a typical destination where people often say: It’s fantastic or it’s not what it used to be…

Well, I haven’t had the opportunity to go before, so I decided that I would simply enjoy what Bali had to offer me in the year 2017! And I wanted to keep an open mind to anything and not to be too overwhelmed by the wow-feeling either!

People who liked it before?, it was probably for the reason that the Island was more laid-back, less developed and more of a “hippie” culture around, what do I know?

But I think what I saw of the Island, still has a magical laid-back feeling. Yes, more developed and more business-driven perhaps, but that is just unavoidable and is it necessary that bad?

Today’s young 30-something just don’t want to work in a normal office environment 9-5, and if they are enough entrepreneurial, they don’t have to! The 40/50-something also want that lifestyle more and more. It feels more balanced between work and life. If you’re lucky to live and work the way you love, wherever Bali and its lifestyle could definitely be your community!

Basically, everyone I met during my week here is a digital nomad, they have found their perfect balance between life and work. It doesn’t matter for them that they have a boss or colleagues far away in another country, having to deal with the time differences, which is often the case whether a  Skype/Whatsapp call at an improbable hour to Lausanne or San Francisco…, horror and inconvenience for some, but freedom for them!.

They organise their life/work hours just so different to us and they piece it together beautifully between surfing, travelling around this beautiful Island, yoga, dance and many more activities.

Do watch this video about the digital nomads and the coolest co-working space I ever been to. Dojo Bali Coworking in Canggu!


Some of the people I had the pleasure to meet; apart from my gorgeous and brilliant cousin, Lisa Davidsson, who lives in Canggu, actually they all live in Canggu! She runs the business Sanna FO, as a marketing manager together with Sanna Jakobsson, a jewellery designer and founder of the brand. And she lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Ionut Danifeld, co-founder of , Alexandrina Danifeld, senior recruitment coordinator working with Tech companies like, Nicky Cullen Nicky Cullen , extremely funny with a filthy language, who might actually help you with stress disorder and anxiety, he’s really worth checking out! but I warned you, the language….!!.

There is also Andrea Loubier, CEO of Mailbird and Chantell Glenville, marketing, advertising consultant and author, do check out her work on the website. And so many more interesting people whom I had the pleasure to meet.

Apart from this high energy kick I got from being around my cousin and her friends, I also got a bit of travelling around, seeing beautiful places, relaxing by the beach, visiting temples and even on my last day in Canggu, I had my first surf lesson with Wayan at Unyil Srf, fantastic and so much fun and immensely tiring!

Bali was a “whole lotta love” 



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