Agalico a peaceful place in busy Bangkok

Agalico is a wonderful get-away from a very busy, noisy and speedy Bangkok. I do think most of the people coming here agree with me that they are looking for peace, just sit down have a nice cup of coffee or tea with some home made scones is absolutely delightful…..

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take some pictures from the garden which is fantastic, the rain started …but next time I promise you some great pictures!, if you live in Bangkok you should definitely come here, often I take my friends on visit in town here. You should see the house next to the café, it’s a private property of the owner, he has exquisite taste, his house is a traditional wooden house in a garden looking closer to the jungle than anything else. It’s so rare to see places like this in a city made of concrete and steel……

camilla davidsson
I take pictures almost everywhere in the world

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