Koh Samet in Thailand

Koh Samet in Thailand

“Why not get married?”

This is with my dear friends Anna and Niklas and their children, Pontus and Ella.  We are at their wedding in Koh Samet in Thailand.

I was very happy when they asked me to take the pictures at their very small and intimate wedding by the ocean.

I just love the interaction and the very strong emotion within the family, it was almost like I wasn’t there! they never really saw me, or acted in front of me, they were very natural. I think we got something really great and special here and that day was a day filled with crazy love, joy and life!

My absolute favourite picture is the one when they all went out into the ocean, so playful, so them! I must be the first wedding photographer in the world… to ruin a wedding dress??

I was only using natural light and without an assistant, time was pressing. So I shot like a crazy with the sun coming down beautifully at the horizon and when I literally had about 15 minutes before darkness, I told them to walk out in the water all together. The children were a bit hesitant, but we got it and fun it was! I got out in the water as well, but only to the level of keeping my camera out of wet..

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