Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Helping Hands in Klong Toey Community

Helping Hands in Klong Toey Community,

The other day, I went down to the Klong Toey market with a group of Swedish women, from SWEA, Swedish Woman’s Educational Association. This get together for Thai cooking was organized by my friend Annika,  with the community organisation Helping Hands,

which helps the people within the Klong Toey slum to put up their own projects and make a living out of it. This morning we started out with buying all the necessary ingredients for our cooking class at the market, and this food market is NOT to miss when you’re in Bangkok.

You can basically find everything from lovely vegetables and fruits, to chicken in cages, worms and frogs….. Yummy….??

After the visit we went to this little house in the Klong Toey slum. Perhaps not a place to wander around in the night time, but I have never felt uncomfortably in the day time. The cooking most of the time in Thailand is complicated, it’s quite an elaborated “Cuisine”, but with Helping Hands you do everything from the start yourself, so you get a better idea about the ingredients, the spices and the herbs, when and how to mix it at the right time.

I will definitely go back….. with my family and friends!!

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