Helagsfjället again

Helagsfjället again:

As many of you already know…. I’m quite a slow blogger, I’m always late with things, I don’t have that instant blogger reflex, shoot a picture, tell a story get it published!!!. Bang… right on!

I’m more of: take loads of photos, download them on my computer and forget them… Hmm.. perhaps a little exaggerated, but close.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from this summers’ hiking in the mountains in Sweden. Helags once again….. look at this beauty , I hope you can feel the breeze, smell the air and taste the water.

It’s becoming so essential to my life. Once a year I get to breathe up in the Northern hemisphere and then back to my great,” rock on city” Bangkok.

You can read another story about “Helagsfjället” here: Helags Mountains in Sweden


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