Weeks of RED: The Red Shirts

Weeks of RED: The Red Shirts.

Since 14 of March, The Red shirts have invaded Bangkok, since last Saturday the enormous malls like, Siam Paragon & Central World, together with Gaysorn & Erawan have closed their doors, this is something you never see in Bangkok.The situation is very unstable.

My story is not to talk about politics,

because that’s way out of my league and as simple as it is, I’m not a journalist! However, we are all very affected by this on going situation, including foreigners and I wanted to have a look for myself, being out in the streets to feel the atmosphere and take a few pictures. And here I like to share some with you.

By the way the Red Shirts,

stormed the Parliament Wednesday afternoon, which means that from now on: Bangkok is declared STATE OF EMERGENCY.

camilla davidsson
I take pictures almost everywhere in the world

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