Short Stories From Far Away

Many travel stories are worth telling….. but some more than others…Australia this magnificent continent, too great to discover everything of course, but I was fortune to see some absolutely fantastic places, that I’m going to tell you a little about here. This story is entirely made with my Holga camera, Lomography concept, it’s really in now, when I started out myself in the beginning of 2000 not many was using the “plastic” camera at that time, now it’s booming!!, great to see, lots of creativity, and I’m really happy that I took it along on my trip to Australia.

Anyway here we go…..

We started out in Sydney, exchanging our house in Paris with an Australian family from Ashfield suburb in Sydney. Great suburb with a mix of people, the way I like it. Australian-born, Greeks, Italians, Indians and the very big Chinese community, making this a great community. When we arrived in Sydney in December 2003 the whole city was blooming and the Sydney-siders are shinning up and they become all gorgeous, because summer starts and they just hit the beach with the surfboards under their arms, or just chilling out at the beach…Sydney has a fabulous lifestyle and the kind I could live!!, but it has a high price to pay…it’s far far away….

Going out in the Outback is a crazy feeling and slightly scary, because you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you think IF something happens. Over the Blue Mountains through Lithgow, Dubbo up to Nyngan and straight through “No-man’s Land” to Lake Cargelligo. Driving with our”fake four wheels” driven Honda, out here you need a real one!! The Caravan parks are my thing, living in a trailer it’s not an everyday dream, but so cool when you’re out and about in these desert landscapes, I trip on this!! They are tremendously photogenic!

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