Too hot for visiting Chiang Mai

Too hot for visiting Chiang Mai,

After 4 years in Thailand I finally decided to visit Chiang Mai, in month of May!! with my friend Jasmine. Well something I didn’t think about was the weather, if it’s already hot in Bangkok, it’s even hotter in Chiang Mai!

So here we are thinking about strolling around in the beautiful and lovely Chiang Mai, visiting pretty neighbourhoods. It turned out to be so hot, just by taking 2 steps in the street, you were absolutely exhausted! so the only thing you wanted, was to turn around, back to the hotel and just hang out at the pool with refreshing drinks!

We forced ourselves to do some sightseeing anyway, Chiang Ma’is Oriental Hotel Dara Devi

there was no way I was going back to Bangkok without a few visits to the temples. We got to see some really fabulous places, like Chiang Ma’is Oriental Hotel Dara Devi. But unfortunately never by foot! but instead by tuk tuk or taxi. I would love to go back and I know I will. However, next time, I will plan the season of my travel better.

Chiang Mai Oriental Hotel Dara Devi
Chiang Mai Oriental Hotel Dara Devi

Please note this is not where I stayed! but I had a great occasion to visit for dinner, a palace with an outstanding beauty.

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