To have and to have not

To have and to have not.

Some people just have it! flair, style, taste…. and that little extra that makes you want to go those extra steps…
On my way to Koh Kood, a beautiful island next to Koh Chang in the gulf of Thailand . I came across this little café, called Coffee Hut.

We hadn’t stopped for HOURS!! (I mean it: I need coffee in the morning to be able to function normally?!) Since 6am in  the morning, at this stake around 10am we had given up the idea of coffee…. Suddenly appears this ESSO petrol station, now we normally say: OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!

Esso Petrol station between Bangkok and Trat

And there it is: MY coffee place!!!! This charming little Coffee Hut, with this charming guy, playing charming music, means NO Thai-pop!! and delivering: GREAT CAPPUCCINNNNNOS…….

Flair, style & taste can’t be bought… or???? Anyway, what I would like to express is that with quite little… some people seams to make  wonders.

The Espresso coffee Hut between bangkok and Trat

The Espresso Coffee Hut between Bangkok and Trat.

The Espresso Coffee Hut between Bangkok and Trat

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