If you have an opportunity to go to Shanghai:  Take it! I was very fortuned to have an invitation from a friend to stay with…. in the French Concession! The greatest area of Shanghai…!!, well according to the habitants of French Concession….. anyway!!

Coming from Bangkok and the hot weather, it was refreshing to arrive in Shanghai + 10 degrees Celsius. Coat , bonnet and gloves, I could walk forever….

something I never do now living in Bangkok. Shanghai was for me like being back in a European city, proper pavements, so you don’t have to fear being runned over all the time.

This is a truly great city with plenty of great things going on. This is a hard working city too, so you better work if you really want to know and understand what this city is all about, of course, these ideas of mine are just from my impressions.

Apart from working you can also on a lovely Saturday, strawl around in Taikang Lu, and do some shopping in these cute boutiques which runs along these traditional “Longtang” alleyways. Enjoy the scenery in Fuxing Park with everything from dancing, Tai Chi Chuan, calligraphers to public debates. Going down to the Bund and having a luxury Sunday brunch at the Jean Georges Shangahi. And as I am Swedish, I love to visit IKEA wherever I am in the world!! I know I’m slightly crazy…!

Of course a visit to the galleries, M50 in Jing’An, unfortunately many galleries were closed due to the Chinese New Year Celebrations. Just before my flight back to Bangkok, I also went to a few nice design shops in the French Concession and I also had a chance to visit  Elisabeth de Brabant‘s gallery, meeting Elisabeth herself and her co-director Sophie, I will hopefully be back soon, because there is a lot more to Shanghai…..

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