A few days ago I started writing on this post, this morning it became urgent to post this short story of my last visit to Paris………….

I was given the best birthday present ever………. TIME……. to spend on my own…. in Paris.

I had no obligations, I woke up whenever I wanted, I ate when I wanted and definitely no dinner preparations, those things I do as a housewife in my life in Bangkok.

I was wandering the streets of Paris, enjoying the museums and the several hours I spent at the cinema, I met up with friends which is always so lovely but mostly I spent time home, at a lovely place on earth….. At home the light is amazing day and night, just to sit by the immense verandah window, even work gets easy.

This time I unfortunately had workers right outside my windows, fixing the buildings quite old facade, but they were extremely discreet so I hardly sensed their presence, but I never got to see the beautiful view from my window, the view over Seine and île Saint Louis and Notre Dame with the colours of autumn red and yellow. I only saw the sky, but that isn’t as half bad……….

I cycled around the city as often as I could, passing the garden of Luxembourg, which smelled of fresh autumn wind and soon of winter cold.

The magic of Paris for some people is: (including me) “Between dawn and dusk”, the magical light just before night falls and then again just before a new day awakes.

Today people are not wandering the streets of Paris and embracing the beauty of this City. People are not enjoying a coffee or a late brunch at the local terrace, people are not visiting the museums or enjoying a film at the cinema, people are devastated, sad and angry, but people are strong and they will not give in to terror and they will not fear. Today may be dark but tomorrow there will be light again. Paris Je t’aime ♥

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