Autumn Day in Larchant outside Paris

Autumn Day in Larchant outside Paris

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in the countryside. For several years now, I have been coming to this place, Larchant, about 85 km south of Paris and in these immense woods of Fontainebleau.

This part of the woods specifically called, the Fôret Domaniale de la Commanderie. The small village is very famous for the Basilica St. Mathurin, the pilgrimage and of course the painting by Balthus, le basilique de St. Mathurin.

Walking from Larchant a few 100 meters and you get to the woods. They are stunning on a beautiful autumn day. The smell of wet leaves and feeling the cold and fresh air on your cheeks is an euphoric feeling for me. Especially when I’m away from this beautiful place most of the year.

Nowadays I get to go perhaps twice a year if I’m lucky, considering I used to go almost every weekend!

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