Dreaming on the Bosphorus

Dreaming on the Bosphorus

This picture, I decided just needed a post on it’s own. It was taken on a ferry over the Bosphorus in Istanbul. It’s actually taken on my birthday! My friend decided to make my day perfect! Of course we couldn’t decide over the weather, the rain, but that didn’t change my state of mind. Dazzled in Istanbul. We started with a very early visit to Topkapi Palace, the Harem. Even on a rainy day you get to wait quite some time to get in, so you better be there early or miss it! and there was no way I was going to leave Istanbul without seeing the Harem.

Later on the sky lighted up slightly and we strolled down to the Bazaars and bought these beautiful Turkish mirrors. The one’s you hang on the wall with the mirror facing the wall and you turn them around when needed. We also found a wonderful little shop outside the Bazaar, where to buy really good Turkish delight, Locum, my favourite one is called Mastic, which very often is considered the most common and the cheapest!

We then took the ferry from Eminönü to Kadiköy, where we had a delicious meal in a traditional Turkish eatery on the Asian side of Istanbul.

The day continued into the evening with us going to the Istanbul Culture Centre, in Kadiköy. To listen to the Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra.

My day was perfect with so many wonderful things discovered throughout the day and I brought back with me a beautiful book to remember Istanbul as well, Ara Güler’s “Istanbul”, Thank you my dearest Jasmine!






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