Never Ending Summer… at the Jam Factory

…is what I feel now! Songkran, Thai new year, has just been celebrated and it’s hotter than ever!! now starts the period of extreme hotness in Thailand and this is when I’m longing the most for Paris,

Never Ending Summer at the Jam Factory

let’s talk about this gorgeous, energetic, inspiring, beautiful, cool and creative space called “The Jam Factory”,
created by famous Thai architect, Khun Duangrit Bunnag and his partner Khun Naree Boonyakiat , who decided to move the offices to this lovely and airy space, where you find a bookshop, Candide, or as Voltaire said, “Let us cultivate our garden” and a refreshing restaurant called Never Ending Summer! The place is New York style with brick walls, cement floors and  a ceiling with wooden beams, style I love!

There are great black and white photos on the walls,

the prints are great! the kitchen is a work laboratory only separated from the dining hall by a glass wall, very enjoyable to watch the sublime work going on and the food…… glorious foods, I will definitely return, the food felt very authentic in the Thai tradition of home cooking with an absolute twist.

The restaurant’s location

is on the muddy banks of the Chao Phraya river in Thon Buri, opposite the River City, take the crossing ferry to Klong San or the ferry to Hilton from Saphan Taksin. Then just walk a few minutes, about 5, to the Jam Factory. Getting there by car is possible as well, but it’s so much nicer to cross the river and enjoy the breeze.


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