In the mood for Koh Kood

In the mood for Koh Kood

The magic of this island is that you not yet get the feeling of over crowded. A piece of quiet paradise. I love my low-key resort, family style, no music and no party. Not going to give you the name of my place … could soon be over crowded! If I want music and party I can just stay in Bangkok!

I basically do nothing when I’m here more than sleeping, eating and reading.

Going for coffee and cake in the afternoon at the great place” View Point Café” it’s the real deal! Having the time to read is luxury, to be able to relax and really focus on a book that can be finished in just a few days, contrary to the rhythm of the city, where I more relax while watching my tv series in the evening rather than reading. It’s unfortunately quite stupid but the reality!

I realise that having lived in Thailand for nearly 8 years now, I don’t go that often to the ocean, I kind of forget that I live in the part of the world where we have a tremendous amount of micro-paradises around us and also it’s warm and sunny most of the time.

I usually travel to the ocean once a year or perhaps twice, but that’s it. I could probably go 3-4 times a year, and it wouldn’t necessarily have to be too expensive either. So New Year resolution I think would be: GO MORE OFTEN TO THE OCEAN! it clears your mind and I am already about to plan my next one for this following month!

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